Collect of St Mark

Almighty God who has instructed your Holy Church with the heavenly doctrine of your Evangelist St Mark. Give us grace, that, not being like children carried away with every blast of vain doctrine, we may be established in the truth of your holy Gospel, through Jesus Christ our Lord


The Link – September 2014

It is good to be back in St Mark’s. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. St Mark’s and its people have been very kind to me, Jennifer and Alex. Thank you!

St Paul was born about A.D. 10 in Tarsus. He was educated as a Pharisee in Jerusalem. He was converted to belief in Christ about A.D.34 and many particulars of his life as an apostle can be found in his letters and in Acts. The letters may be dated from A>D.50-65. Paul was imprisoned in Rome, A.D. 61-63 and set free for want of evidence. A second “imprisonment” in Rome ended according to a very ancient tradition in martyrdom by execution probably in the year 67.

Paul’s letters show him as a man of sensitive temperament and warm emotions completely dedicated to the spreading of the “Good News” that Jesus Christ by his death and resurrection was proved to be the one¬†universal saviour of Jew and Gentile. Paul had remarkable powers of theological analysis and a grasp of profundities. As you read his letters it is very difficult not to be convinced that what he is saying is true. Conviction leads faith in the Son of God, the Way, the Truth and the life.

God bless,

Robin Moore