Collect of St Mark

Almighty God who has instructed your Holy Church with the heavenly doctrine of your Evangelist St Mark. Give us grace, that, not being like children carried away with every blast of vain doctrine, we may be established in the truth of your holy Gospel, through Jesus Christ our Lord


Christ’s Light

For the first time in St Mark’s a Christingle services was held and a large number of families along with others, enjoyed this different form of Christmas worship. The Rector enthralled the children with many surprises from an enormous Christmas Cracker and then explained the mean of Christingle.

Christingle means Christ’s Light and is a symbol of Christian faith. The orange represents the world while the red tape or ribbon around ¬†it indicates the love and blood of Christ. The four cocktail sticks in the orange are the four season and the sweets attached show God’s creation. Finally the lit candle in the centre of the orange¬†symbolises Jesus, the light of the world.

Every child was given a Christingle and when the candles were lit and the lights dimmed it was plain to see why this is such a wonderful and popular Christmas Service.

A very welcomed cup of tea was served after the service.