Collect of St Mark

Almighty God who has instructed your Holy Church with the heavenly doctrine of your Evangelist St Mark. Give us grace, that, not being like children carried away with every blast of vain doctrine, we may be established in the truth of your holy Gospel, through Jesus Christ our Lord


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Registration of Vestry Members – 2015

If anyone would like to register as a vestry member, forms are now available in the church. This entitles you to vote or be voted for at the Annual General Easter vestry. the review meeting will take place on Sunday 22nd February. Forms of declaration must be completed by this date.

The Link – February 2015

On the 28th January we are having another ‘Conference’. Before Christmas Aaron from Jerusalem talked about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. Following on from this we have organised a seminar in which Pat Davison and Jane Stewart will talk about the Passover. Pat and Jane are members of the Church’s Ministry to the… Read more »