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I hope you enjoy reading it. We are a small church in North Belfast but we have a happy and harmonious congregation.

St Mark’s sits at the highest point in the Diocese of Connor. We are a traditional Church of Ireland church with Prayer Book worship.

Jesus shared the Last Supper in the Upper Room which belonged to the family of John Mark. When Peter escaped from prison he went straight to the Upper Room. This room in St Mark’s house quickly came to have a central place in the routine of the young Jerusalem Church. The early Christians worshipped there and St Mark himself was brought up and nurtured in this atmosphere. He would have witnessed and been influenced by all the comings and goings at the Upper Room…

It is very fitting that our church was dedicated to St Mark. The church is situated between Squires Hill and Wolf Hill at a height of some 500 feet above sea level. It is the highest church in Belfast and in that sense it can be properly called the Upper Room. In many other senses it is also like Mark’s house. It is our refuge in a world which seems full of trouble. It is the place where, Sunday by Sunday, people come to confess Jesus as “My Lord and my God”and to hear the pronouncement of God’s “Peace”. The tradition of St Mark’s house is our tradition; we do what has been done for centuries in meeting with one accord in one place, to speak to each other in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, for the breaking of bread and the prayers. Priests have been ordained here and sent out to preach the Gospel just as Peter and the disciples were at the Upper Room. The modern disciples of Christ still have the blessing of that marvellous moment of meeting the Risen Christ, most especially when we carry out Christ’s wish to “do this in remembrance of me”, in the Holy Communion.

Much that is important and rich and valuable in our life and tradition began in Mark’s house. We are honoured to be able to claim that the tradition is still carried on to this day in the House of God in Ballysillan dedicated to the self same St Mark.

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God bless, Revd Campbell Dixon MBE MA

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